Sun Shades

In the world of hairdressing, balayage gives a natural lightening effect so the hair looks sun kissed. Because balayage is a totally personalized service and is tailored for each individual woman, experience and the right tools will create the best results. Please visit our YouTube channel to watch videos about Sun Shades.


SUN SHADES is an Exclusive ultra compact bleaching powder idea for freehand lightening techniques such as balayage, ombre, shatush, bronde and splashlight.

Once it is mixed with oxygen, its special formula based on Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil and precious ingredients of natural origin becomes particularly chalky so that it can be used without foil.

The bleached locks do not interfere with the rest of the hair for a unique result and an effect that is typical of sun lightening. Perfect for use on natural hair or dyed hair with blond, brown or red tones. With Sun Shades you can lighten hair up to 6 tones while keeping the hair’s fibre intact and protected. Have fun creating a unique and personalised look for each client in total safety and with protected hair.

HYDRALUX is a precious elixir of nourishing and illuminating natural oils.

Hydralux protects hair leaving it soft and silky. Jojoba Oil protects and nourishes the shaft while Argan Oil moisturizes and adds shine. Ideal used in the bleaching mix to protect the hair, and also perfect used just as an oil after drying to add shine to the lengths.