Light Passion

Light+Passion is a new ammonia-free toner cream for bleached hair.

For sophisticated chic BLOND highlights, or the daring glamour of PURPLE. For anyone who can’t resist the attraction of bright, flaming RED or wants to have fun with light and shade contrasts of warm hues of COFFEE and CAPPUCCINO.

Free your creativity with Light+Passion Eight tempting hues!

  • Golden Blond - Sand Blond - Platinum Blond … timeless, feminine, refined colors
  • Intense Copper - Intense Red …warm and sensual. Simply irresistible.
  • Purple …bold and vibrant
  • Coffee and cappuccino …sophisticated effects of light and shadow

The Hair glows with luxuriant new hues.

For sophisticated chic BLONDE highlights, or the daring glamor of PURPLE.

  • Brilliant color
  • Long lasting
  • Easy to apply
  • Outstanding results