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Daniel Keane

Daniel Keane is an internationally celebrated colorist, stylist, platform artist and teacher as well as a successful business owner of Serenza Spa and Salon. Daniel is also a founding and current member of the H.O.T. Style Council for Helen of Troy and a National Team Member for ITELY Hair Fashion, a global manufacturer of hair coloring and other grooming products. He has appeared regularly on local television talk shows, such as Northwest Afternoon, and where he created hair and make-up for international celebrities including Kitty Dukakis, Julia Child, Martha Plimpton, and Julie Harris.

Daniel Ruidant

Study with the only 2 time world haircutting champion Daniel Rudiant and come away with a new found excitement for haircutting. His talent and abilities to share & communicate are only exceeded by his skilled proficiency with the razor & shears. Your haircutting skills will never be the same. Daniel will use both the shears and the razor. Come prepared to be inspired. In September of 2017 Daniel was inducted into the National Hair Museum Hall of fame.

Gary Tenore

As one of the most experienced, skilled and well traveled international Master Educational representatives of ITELY HAIRFASHION, Gary has earned the respect and heartfelt acclaim of global beauty professionals the world over, from Europe, China, South America, Canada and the United States. A student of cultural history, collector of fine arts and owner of his celebrated New York salon, Gary’s work has been featured and published in virtually every relevant style and fashion media on a consistent and ongoing basis. He has incorporated his extensive frame of reference to expand the technical knowledge and creative boundaries of aspiring novices and seasoned experts alike with the universal message of his practical approach, creative command and inviting personal presence.

Lia Elizabeth Hall

Born in Liverpool England, Lia grew up spending much of her time in her mum’s hair salon where she gained first hand business experience in the industry. At the young age of 19, Lia started a position with Global keratin. She quickly became the companies darling and was assigned to do tradeshows as a platform artist and got her first opportunity to help create the brands image by getting involved in photo shoots and NBC television appearances, talking about the features and benefits of that company’s products. Lia demonstrated how to create the “MAD MEN” inspired hairstyles at home.

Now 27 Lia is the owner of Pure Beauty Concepts and Creative Director of Capelli D'Oro Fifth avenue salon in NYC and her passion for perfection shows in her work. Lia splits her time between Florida and New York.

Nick Trombetta

For over 30 years, Nick Trombetta has shared his passion and inspiration for precision artistry among his peers.

Nick’s innovative techniques have been featured in international forums and magazines. He was bestowed the honor of “Best Hair Colorist of Westchester County” in New York, by The Westchester Magazine.

Awards and accolades aside, Nick’s distinction is his innate ability to fuse the inner and outer beauty by earning the trust and confidence of his audience. By gaining an understanding of his clients, he can then unleash his knowledge and skill. Nick's other passions include music, art and writing. An accomplished pianist and singer since childhood. His artistry and passion is blended with everything he does.

Stephe Sturman

A national educator with ITELY Hairfashion since 1999, Stephe has appeared on stage and in classrooms internationally. He has served as director for New York State Cosmetology Association’s Artistic Design Team and National Cosmetology Association’s Hair America, and is certified by the American Board of Certified Haircolorists. His work has appeared in book, poster, technical and video form.

He loves sharing his knowledge of color and texture, with insights that will make you feel fully at ease, whether perming for Beach wave texture, relaxing or reshaping unwanted curl or performing that corrective color you’re unsure of. Knowing how it works makes all the difference.


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