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ITELY Hairfashion now offers the Professional stylist the ability to become a certified user within the range of select product lines. Check out our latest course below...

DelyTON user certification video

DelyTON User Certification Test

Thank you for taking time to become a Certified DelyTON User.

Please answer all questions below and fill out all contact information. 
Upon successful completion of this test, you will be contacted by our Education Director and will receive your certificate in the mail.

What is DelyTON Advanced?
You can offer a corrective color service with DelyTON Advanced.
How many shades are offered in DelyTON Advanced?
You can perform a color service with DelyTON Advanced the same day as a texture service.
Generally, how long should very resistant hair process?
You can leave DelyTON Advanced on the head for more than 40 minutes without it over processing.
DelyTON Advanced is a permanent color.
Please select the correct mixing ratio for DelyTON Advanced:

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